I may have discovered the holy grail

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of laundry!!!!!!

And I’m going to share this secret process with you.  It’s taken me forever to find a system that works, and this was does!!!!  It’s been amazing this week using it.  My laundry mountain is gone.  Not even joking.  I have no mountain of laundry looming in my laundry room.

I started the whole process my ordering these laundry sorters.  I ordered 2, 4-bag versions and 1, 3-bag version.  The 3 bag version sits in our master bedroom.  And we use one bag for lights and the other 2 for darks, since we tend to wear more dark colors than anything else.  One of the 4-bag versions is upstairs outside our bathroom in the hall.  The bags are kids, lights, darks, towels.  The last one is in the laundry room for catching anything that ends up just getting thrown down the basement stairs like the kitchen towels.

Then I tackled the laundry room.  OMG, it had gotten so bad.  It had become a dumping ground for all sorts of misc crap.  I started by grabbing a large trash bag and started tossing stuff.  Then I got everything out of the room that wasn’t supposed to be there and put it where it belonged.  Then I cleared out all the stuff that needed to go back into the room, but wasn’t where it should be.  Then I cleaned off all the surfaces and the floor.  Moved the fridge over into the corner and the hanging bag to where the fridge was.  The shelves weren’t bad, so not much work there.  A caddy from my father-in-law now holds all the accessories for the steamer instead of the large white bucket.  Emptied that out and stored it up and out-of-the-way.  Moved in the laundry sorter and put everything back where it belongs….like with like.  Laundry stuff all got put into pretty glass containers, because let’s me honest….the product containers aren’t all the lovely to look at.  And the glass ones were sitting around not being used anyway.  The whole process took me 2 hours and $0.  Yep, no money was spent on cleaning up or organizing the room.

Here are all the before and after pics of the laundry room.

Now the process that I’ve been using.

It’s very simple. Once a bag gets full, it goes in the wash!  Easy peasy.  Every morning before work I toss in a load if I need it.  Usually I do.  There are 5 of us in the house.  I flip them over to the dryer when I get home.  Then, sometime after dinner I go down, fold them as I take them out of the dryer, and put them away.  There’s nothing worse than living out of laundry baskets for a week or more.  When you get halfway thru the week and start wondering what’s dirty and what’s still clean.  Especially when you have a 1-year-old that likes to pull laundry out of the baskets and throw it around the room.

That’s it!  Clean the laundry room.  Make it pretty so being down there isn’t like walking into a dungeon or junk pile.  Make laundry items accessible and easy find. Sort your clothes as you take them off.  Put in a load a day, as needed.  Fold clothes as you’re taking them out of the dryer.  Put them away right away.

It’s National Lipstick Day!!!!

Happy National Lipstick Day!!!!This stuff is seriously magic!!!!  I truly put it to the test wearing it all day, from my morning shake thru work where I’m constantly drinking water from a straw (no mark on the straw all day), lunch, all afternoon, drinks at night, dinner, with all the lip biting and licking in between.  I needed to use the remover to get it off at night.

The best part….it didn’t dry out my lips like other long wearing products.  And those don’t last nearly as long.  I find I have to reapply those after lunch.  The gloss works with the color to allow your lips to breathe while being moisturized.  Magic!!!!!

I have an order going in on Tuesday, Aug. 1st.  Let me know what colors are on your Wish List so I can start getting my Oh Hand stock built up.  List them in the comments, or send me an email at Love4URLips@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Starter Kits are only $55!!!!  They include your color choice of LipSense, Gloss of choice, and Ooops! Remover.  Individual colors are just $25.  Here are the current In Stock colors.

Place your first starter kit order with me before Tuesday and get FREE SHIPPING!!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!


I feel like I just wrote a post about school being out yesterday.  Only to turn around today and write one about school being back in session.  My kid’s school doesn’t start until Sept 5th, but I know a lot of schools start back sometime in Aug, so I wanted to post this before the majority of schools start back.

My oldest is starting kindergarten this year!!!!  OMG, I’m not sure how that happened.  The last 5+ years have flown by like nothing.  I remember being that crazy new mom that sterilized his pacifier anytime it hit the floor.  Now I’m just happy if we all make it to the end of the day without destroying each other or the house.

I had all my Back-to-School shopping done by mid-July.  As soon as Target started filling bins with pencils, crayons, and folders I was right there grabbing up what I needed for his supply list.  Craziness!!!!!  I thought there has to be a better way.  So, I did a little thinking and some discussions with family, friends, and other parents and came up with an idea that should hopefully keep me very busy in the upcoming months/years/lifetime.

I’m starting my own care package company called, With Love.  It’s going to feature school supply kits for elementary thru high school, as well as care packages for college students.

Now that I’m staring down the barrel of September I’m trying to figure out what our new morning schedule is going to look like.  I’ll be a stay-at-home mom by that point, but no sleeping in for me.  River needs to be up and functional to catch the bus by 8:30am.  Including eating breakfast, which we don’t do now.  Now we’re out the door by 8:30am and they eat breakfast at my dad’s house.  (He watches them during the day when we’re both at work.)

But Grayson and Ivy don’t need to be up for anything particular.  In fact, Grayson is such a bear in the morning I’d be more than happy to let her sleep as long as she needs.  She’ll come downstairs when she’s ready to face her day.  I look as her and wonder if she’s really only 3, because she acts like she’s 13.

And I’m going to be packing his lunch and snacks everyday, instead of mine.  And he’s picky!!!!  I’m guessing he’d be happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday.  But I know he needs more variety than that.  So, off to Pinterest I go.  And I start pinning and pinning and pinning.  I created a board called School Days, so I can keep it all together.  Pop over and check it out.  Maybe soon I’ll actually look at what I pinned.  Like before the first week of school might be nice.

Leave your comments below on how you manage the morning routine.


Putting it all out there!!!!

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Because if I’m not willing to put it all out there, how can I ask you to do the same?

It’s been 2 years since I first started with Beachbody.  I loved it so much I signed on a a couch within the first month. Over those 2 years my weight and motivation has gone up and down and up and down.  Oh, and I had a baby a year ago.  Talk about throwing a wrench into the plans

So, here I am starting over, again…..  This time I’m at the heaviest I’ve been outside of being 8 months pregnant.  179.2lbs!!!!!  Ugh!!!  I was around 150lbs when I meet my husband 7 years ago.  That’s where I want to get back to.  Or at least back to not looking like I’m still pregnant.  Seriously, if I dropped 20lbs I’d be beyond happy right now.  I’ve been hovering up and down 5 lbs since January.  So, it’s time to really knuckle down and get my focus back.

Before – 179.2lbs
Before 179.2lbs

As you can see, I carry the vast majority of my weight in my belly. River calls it my “saggy mama belly”. Gee, thanks kid!!!! I like to remind him that’s he’s the one that caused said saggy belly since he’s the oldest kid.


I had a hard time trying to figure out what program I was going to get started with.  I wanted to jump back in with CIZE, since I dropped a cool 20lbs with it 2 years ago when I started.  But most of the routines are over 40 mins long.  And I know I’ll be rushing around in the morning, because I won’t get up early enough to squeeze it all in.  As it is, it takes me 3 hours to get up, workout and get everyone out the door before heading into work.

So, I opted to start Country Heat this morning.  Each workout comes in right around the 30 min mark.  It’s low impact, cardio based, and FUN!!!!!  I danced off 424 cal this morning in just 32 mins.

So, day 1 is in the books….or tracked in an app or 2 or 3.  I sometimes even use My Fitness Pal to track my calories for the day.  I’ll get into more about that in another post.

August is rapidly approaching, and what that come Back to School!!!  And that means all new routines for the morning.  I’ll be retired and a stay at home mom then as well.  Yippie!!!!!

I’m starting up a new fitness group in Aug and another in Sept.  Sign-ups start soon and will include my weekly meal plans, customized for you and your fitness goals for the first 3 people each month!!!!  Click here to get started and I’ll see you on the flip side.

ISO a Laundry Routine that really works!!!!!

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Seriously!!!!  I need help!!!  Our never ending pile of laundry has consumed our laundry room.  Our system right now is basically, get as much done as possible over the weekend before Shawn asks on Sunday night after dinner if I washed any of his pants for the week.  Not kidding!!!  Happens mid week too!  It will be 8pm and I’m getting stuff ready for the next morning or just relaxing and he asks if he has clean pants anywhere….like in the dryer…  Oops!!!!  Now it’s 8pm, all I want to do is relax, hang with the kids, and have a glass (or 2) of wine.  Instead I’m running around gathering up dirty clothes from floors and various bins in the house to run a quick load and hoping to remember to toss them in the dryer before going to bed.

I’ve tried everything.  Well, maybe not everything…..but it sure feels like it.  I’m going to try to go back to the FlyLady method of doing a load a day and folding it as I take it out of the dryer.  I figure if I can get a load going before I leave for work in the morning I may have a chance.  And even better…..get Shawn to move it to the dryer when he gets home.  That way it will be all set for me to fold and put away when I get home.

I also need a better solution for our bathroom laundry basket.  Right now we have one basket in the corner that EVERYTHING goes into.  Our clothes, kids’ clothes, towels, sheets, etc.  And it fills up before I know it and clothes and towels end up all over the floor.  Even our bedroom laundry solution ends up with clothes on the floor.  I’m going to order two of these sorter type bins.  I ordered 2 – 4 bag ones for the basement and upstairs.  And 1 – 3 bag one for our bedroom.  The kids already have hampers in there rooms.  And since it’s only their clothes that go into them, sorting isn’t an issue.  As long as it doesn’t have a lid I think it might work.  I’ll be able to grab a bag at a time and take it down to the laundry.  I’m thinking of making some labels to hang from the front (darks, lights, towels, kids) to help with sorting.

OMG!!!!! How do I justify the $65 for this one??????  This would be perfect for the main upstairs laundry basket.  Since our laundry is in the basement I have to haul laundry down or up 2 flights of stairs.  Which can be dangerous when heavy laundry hampers, toys, and stairs combine.  Of course there’s still the issue of sorting with this single bag style.

I really want to clean up my laundry room too!  Right now it’s just a hot mess.  Not even kidding.  The pile of who-knows-what on top of the dryer makes my OCD stress out.  And let’s not even talk about the fact that opposite the washer and dryer is a fridge so finding places to store and sort laundry has become a nightmare.  No wonder doing laundry is one of my least favorite tasks!!!  I don’t like the laundry room.  I have big plans to shift it back to where it was, but no money to do so.  We’d have to finish the plumbing there and re-run the gas line back over.  Someday…….

I’m going to make it my task today to clean up our laundry situation.  I’ll be back with a follow-up post in a few days.  Unless of course I end up buried under all the laundry.

Weekly Menu Membership

Do you HATE setting up a menu for the week?  Are you just like me and HATE the dreaded daily “What’s for dinner?” question?  I sure do!!!  And sometimes it’s hard to sit down and plan out a full menu every week, especially if you have little ones running around.

I have a solution for you!!!!  I’m starting up a Weekly Meal Plan complete with recipes and grocery list!!!!  Starting at just $5 per week!

Sign-Up now for menus starting on Aug. 5th.

For all the deets, just hop over to this page.  You’ll be able to sign-up there too.

Meal Prep 101

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I try to meal prep for lunches only once a week.  I keep it really simple!!!  I only prep lunches for myself.  My husband eats at work and my dad feeds the kids during the day when he watches them.  And I only pick 1 or 2 meals for the week.

My little helper

Ivy like to help me get my containers pulled out.  Not sure if she’s really helping since I have to rewash everything once she’s done with them.  But she’s cute, so she gets a pass.

I use the different types of containers that I got from Amazon.

I use these 38 oz deep containers for my salads.  They have enough room for me to add all my goodies plus room for the salad dressing cup and bags of extras like croutons on the top.  And I don’t have to worry about stuff jumping out when I’m cutting everything up or mixing dressing in.

For my main meals I use these 28oz shallow containers.  They fit perfectly in my lunch box along with a deep container and there’s still room for extras like fruit and yogurt.  They are great for my usual chicken, mushroom, rice bowl combinations.  This is my go-to container!!!  Salads fit in here too, but they don’t have much depth so I found I was always losing stuff to my desk when I’d try mixing in the dressing.

If I want stuff separated, then I use these 2 compartment containers.  I don’t use them very often, since I usually go for a “bowl” type lunch.  But they are great if you like to keep veggies, carbs, proteins all separated.  They will not keep sauces separated unless the container is kept flat.  Any tipping will cause liquids to move around.

All the containers are great about preventing leaks with normal use.  If you’re flipping them over or storing on their side I don’t know how liquids will act.  I use a Thirty-One lunch bag that keeps them secure stacked up along with an ice pack.  Then I place it in my backpack for work.  I keep it at my desk all day instead of trying to cram it into the already overflowing fridges at work.

Fruit prep

Ok, now onto how I actually do the prep.  It’s pretty easy, but might be a bit intimidating if you’re not sure where to start.  I start with a meal plan.  Write it down!!!!  Make your grocery list, hit the store, and then get everything ready.  I wash and cut up any produce as soon as I get it.  If I don’t it won’t get used and I’ll end up tossing it in a week when it’s gone bad on us.  I use my Beachbody Portion Control containers to measure everything except lettuce.  I figure no one got fat eating too much lettuce.  So I just load up my containers with it!!!!

Laying out all my supplies.

I start by laying out my containers and all the ingredients for each part of the meal.  I start with my salads.  I have one everyday.  It’s how I get in most of my veggies and sometimes my fruits for the day.  I lay everything out on the counter and work assembly line style.  Layer up the lettuce, veggies (this week was mushrooms and cucumbers), nuts, and cheese.  I used pine nuts and crumbled goat cheese.  Measure everything out if you’re tracking macros or portions.  I then add the items I don’t want to get mushy into snack size bags and add those to the top.

Ready to add the dressing cups.

Salad dressing goes into a 2oz container (the clear plastic containers you buy for Jell-O shots work perfectly).  You don’t need to fill it up!!!  Measure out 2 tablespoons and you’ll have more than enough.  Then that snuggles down in a corner.  Lid goes on and into the produce drawer they go.

I repeat this same process for the main entree as well.  I plan it so the protein I’m cooking for dinner becomes the protein, or one of the proteins, I’m having for lunch that week.  Then I just whip out my containers, pack them up as I’m cleaning up from dinner, and into the fridge they go.  If I’m making a 2nd meal for the week, say taco salads or wraps.  I cook the protein, pack it up, and clean up from that before dinner so my kitchen hopefully doesn’t get too messy.  More times than not, it just gets messy!!  What can I say, I’m only human.  One with 3 kids running around my legs while I’m doing this.  It never goes smoothly, but it does eventually get done before work the next morning.

Having fruit cut and portioned also helps when the kids want a snack.  I can just grab a container and they’re good to go.  I also try make Ivy’s bottles 18oz at a time.  I use my immersion blender in a shaker cup!!!!  Drives the dog crazy but beats making a bottle when she’s screaming in the middle of the night.

Freezer meals are also a great way to meal prep for dinners!  I’m not a huge fan of most meats once they’ve been thru a freeze/thaw cycle.  But I do like this technique for soups, stews, and crockpot meals.

I’d love to hear your tips for getting meals prepped, so leave me a comment.


AMAZON PRIME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RUN, do not walk over to Amazon and snag up some of these fun and funky items.  I will keep this quick and short and won’t make you scroll down and down and down with a ton of pictures.

  1.  Any Kindle!!!!  Our kids love these, and I love that the kid safe case we have on it allows it to withstand drops and falls.  The New Kindle 7 is only $30!!!!!!
  2. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent for $67.99!!!!!!  I might have to get this one for us……….
  3.  Food huggers!!!  How cute are these?!?!?!??!  I must have them all.
  4. Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content – ADULTS ONLY!)  Because, why not.  And it’s only $14.
  5. If you’re looking for a yoga mat for your new practice, here’s a great one for only $10!!  BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap
  6. How about a new reading pillow for those quiet summer nights?  We each have one and love them.  The kids use them in their beds and we use ours on the couch so we don’t sink so far back into it.  LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow
  7. Trying new things, how about adding a set of Moscow Mule copper mugs to your bar set-up.
  8.  For the kid at heart…Large Brazilian Hammock Chair.  Make sure you have a sturdy tree or patio for it.
  9. Back to School supplies!!!!!!  From crayons and markers to headphones and tablets.
  10. and finally……my favorite……this reversible tote.  Because I LOVE bags!!!!!

You have to be an Amazon Prime member to get these deals.  Signup for the 30 Day Free Trial!!!!

School’s out for summer…..

Now what do you do??????  Laze around the house with the kids doing whatever, whenever before school starts up in Sept?  That is always an option, and I HIGHLY recommend doing that for several days during the break.  Or maybe take a day to just hang out in your yard doing nothing.  I mean, we all need our down time!!!  Yes, even kids.  Gracie needs “quiet time” every day or else she starts melting down on me.  And when the kids have been in school for the past however many months without a break, they need some time to decompress and adjust as well.  So take that time off.  Do nothing.  And most of all……DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for doing “nothing”.

Now, if you’re looking for something to do to get the kids up and out of the house, how about being a tourist in your own town?  Or the towns that are close enough to you that a day trip is easy to plan and schedule.  Maybe make it a big deal by dropping some hints for the couple of days before.  Or hitting up the dollar store for some fun games, crafts, prizes, etc. for the big day.

Do your research!!  The internet is a vast assortment of useful and irrelevant data. Pick the useful stuff!!!!  Start with websites from your states government and go from there.  Check out blogs from people in your area.  Talk to other parents, friends, family, and co-workers.  Day tripping doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!!!!

We’re lucky enough to live between Detroit and Ann Arbor and that gives us TONS of opportunities for day trips.  Some of our favorites are the Detroit Zoo, Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, our local libraries and the ones in neighboring towns, Michigan Science Center, Greenmead, the Farmington Farmer’s Market, Maybury Farm, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, local metro parks for picnics and splash pads, to name a few.  Not to mention the vast amount of local farmers markets, festivals, flea markets, and events.  The new Red, White and BBQ festival in Livonia, MI was just this past weekend.  Google your hobbies and interests along with your home town and you’re sure to find an event just for you.  I’d recommend hiring a sitter for alcohol based events like “Wild Beasts Wild Wine” that’s at the Detroit Zoo in July.  Because you need some adult time too!!!  And Uber, Lift, or a designated driver because drinking and driving just ain’t cool!!!!

Wanna take a couple of days away without breaking the bank?  Camping is a great experience!!!!  Check out local and state parks.  The daily rates are usually really low, you can cook your own food over the fire, and the best……no electronics!!!!  Which allows you to spend time actually talking to one another.  I know…….crazy, right?????  Bring along some “old-fashioned” board games and some cards and enjoy each others company without all the constant digital interruptions.

For Sale

And if you’re really interested…….we have a pop-up camper for sale.  $500 and it’s all yours.  You might just want to spruce it up some first.  :).

Not into the whole “outdoorsy” thing?  What about one of the many indoor water parks.  They’re probably not as packed this time of the year.  And you’d get to enjoy the water without any of the pesky pests flying around.  Check out travel sites and radio stations for special deals.

If you do plan a vacation in grand style as a resort park or theme park, there are still lots of ways to save a buck or two along the way.  Bringing in your own food is the number one way to save money!!!  Can’t bring in a picnic lunch….can you leave and re-enter the park?  If so, keep your lunch on ice, a lot of it, in your car and have a picnic in the parking lot.  Wagons and strollers are great ways to carry all that extra stuff without having to actually carry all that extra stuff.  Plus it’s a place where the kids can chill out when they get too tired or hot or just downright cranky!

Enjoy your short time together because before you know it you’ll be hunting down school supplies and packing uninspired lunches everyday.

Product Review: Pure Garcinia Cambogia

I know there are a TON of weight loss programs and supplements out there to try.  And I can’t get thru my Facebook feed without seeing at least 4-5 different products in either ads or my friends posts.  So, I figured I’d try one out.  Now, I had to be careful with this one since it’s an auto subscription and they will charge you over $80 a month per product if you don’t cancel and return the product during the trial period.  Canceling turned out to be easier than I expected.  Just a simple phone call to an automated system and shipping back any unused product.  Now I just need to remember to ship back the stuff this week.

Day 1:  Weight 179.2lbs.  I only took the Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee in the morning with my Shakeology.  I was shaky all day.  That finally wore off about 3pm.

Day 2:  Took both the am and pm doses of both.  Didn’t get the shakes like Day 1, but I was also much more active with the kids, so the added energy pumping thru me was nice.

pexels-photo-191845Day 3:  Took both the am and pm doses of both.  I’m sticking with a normal diet thru this.  I have noticed I get fuller faster.  One bit of warning….high fat foods will move thru your body rapidly!!!!!!  So, if you are not near toilet facilities I highly recommend sticking with low fat options.  Burgers and fries at lunch with co-workers may taste really yummy, but it will leave you racing for the bathrooms when you get back to the office.  And you can’t race to the bathroom at the office.  You have to walk in a normal pace as not to alert co-workers that your bowels are about to release at an unnatural rate.

Day 4:  Down 1/2 a pound so far.  I’ll take it!!!!!  Feeling off this morning, so I only took the PM dose.

Day 5:  Today’s the day of our big friend BBQ party before the 4th.  I took my AM dose as usual, but totally missed my PM dose with all the extra activities going on.

Day 6:  Missed both AM and PM doses…..ugh!!!

Day 7:  I give up.  I’d love to be able to stick to something for a full week.  I just suck at remembering to take pills with 2 meals a day.  Doing it in the morning is no big deal, but the dinner time one usually gets me.

Plus, I’m on vacation from work this week so my usual schedule is all off.  We’re sleeping in past 9am, when I’m usually up by 6:30am.  And meals are just whenever and whatever during the day.  Guess if I’m going to be a stay at home mom for a while I’ll need to work on that.   Or not…..it’s nice to be able to do whatever whenever and just enjoy each day as it comes.

Overall impression, it made me jittery and shaky and seemed to up my anxiety each day.  The effects lessened with each dose, but never totally went away.  Maybe if I stuck with it longer they would lessen even further than they had.