School’s out for summer…..

Now what do you do??????  Laze around the house with the kids doing whatever, whenever before school starts up in Sept?  That is always an option, and I HIGHLY recommend doing that for several days during the break.  Or maybe take a day to just hang out in your yard doing nothing.  I mean, we all need our down time!!!  Yes, even kids.  Gracie needs “quiet time” every day or else she starts melting down on me.  And when the kids have been in school for the past however many months without a break, they need some time to decompress and adjust as well.  So take that time off.  Do nothing.  And most of all……DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for doing “nothing”.

Now, if you’re looking for something to do to get the kids up and out of the house, how about being a tourist in your own town?  Or the towns that are close enough to you that a day trip is easy to plan and schedule.  Maybe make it a big deal by dropping some hints for the couple of days before.  Or hitting up the dollar store for some fun games, crafts, prizes, etc. for the big day.

Do your research!!  The internet is a vast assortment of useful and irrelevant data. Pick the useful stuff!!!!  Start with websites from your states government and go from there.  Check out blogs from people in your area.  Talk to other parents, friends, family, and co-workers.  Day tripping doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!!!!

We’re lucky enough to live between Detroit and Ann Arbor and that gives us TONS of opportunities for day trips.  Some of our favorites are the Detroit Zoo, Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, our local libraries and the ones in neighboring towns, Michigan Science Center, Greenmead, the Farmington Farmer’s Market, Maybury Farm, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, local metro parks for picnics and splash pads, to name a few.  Not to mention the vast amount of local farmers markets, festivals, flea markets, and events.  The new Red, White and BBQ festival in Livonia, MI was just this past weekend.  Google your hobbies and interests along with your home town and you’re sure to find an event just for you.  I’d recommend hiring a sitter for alcohol based events like “Wild Beasts Wild Wine” that’s at the Detroit Zoo in July.  Because you need some adult time too!!!  And Uber, Lift, or a designated driver because drinking and driving just ain’t cool!!!!

Wanna take a couple of days away without breaking the bank?  Camping is a great experience!!!!  Check out local and state parks.  The daily rates are usually really low, you can cook your own food over the fire, and the best……no electronics!!!!  Which allows you to spend time actually talking to one another.  I know…….crazy, right?????  Bring along some “old-fashioned” board games and some cards and enjoy each others company without all the constant digital interruptions.

For Sale

And if you’re really interested…….we have a pop-up camper for sale.  $500 and it’s all yours.  You might just want to spruce it up some first.  :).

Not into the whole “outdoorsy” thing?  What about one of the many indoor water parks.  They’re probably not as packed this time of the year.  And you’d get to enjoy the water without any of the pesky pests flying around.  Check out travel sites and radio stations for special deals.

If you do plan a vacation in grand style as a resort park or theme park, there are still lots of ways to save a buck or two along the way.  Bringing in your own food is the number one way to save money!!!  Can’t bring in a picnic lunch….can you leave and re-enter the park?  If so, keep your lunch on ice, a lot of it, in your car and have a picnic in the parking lot.  Wagons and strollers are great ways to carry all that extra stuff without having to actually carry all that extra stuff.  Plus it’s a place where the kids can chill out when they get too tired or hot or just downright cranky!

Enjoy your short time together because before you know it you’ll be hunting down school supplies and packing uninspired lunches everyday.