Product Review: Pure Garcinia Cambogia

I know there are a TON of weight loss programs and supplements out there to try.  And I can’t get thru my Facebook feed without seeing at least 4-5 different products in either ads or my friends posts.  So, I figured I’d try one out.  Now, I had to be careful with this one since it’s an auto subscription and they will charge you over $80 a month per product if you don’t cancel and return the product during the trial period.  Canceling turned out to be easier than I expected.  Just a simple phone call to an automated system and shipping back any unused product.  Now I just need to remember to ship back the stuff this week.

Day 1:  Weight 179.2lbs.  I only took the Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee in the morning with my Shakeology.  I was shaky all day.  That finally wore off about 3pm.

Day 2:  Took both the am and pm doses of both.  Didn’t get the shakes like Day 1, but I was also much more active with the kids, so the added energy pumping thru me was nice.

pexels-photo-191845Day 3:  Took both the am and pm doses of both.  I’m sticking with a normal diet thru this.  I have noticed I get fuller faster.  One bit of warning….high fat foods will move thru your body rapidly!!!!!!  So, if you are not near toilet facilities I highly recommend sticking with low fat options.  Burgers and fries at lunch with co-workers may taste really yummy, but it will leave you racing for the bathrooms when you get back to the office.  And you can’t race to the bathroom at the office.  You have to walk in a normal pace as not to alert co-workers that your bowels are about to release at an unnatural rate.

Day 4:  Down 1/2 a pound so far.  I’ll take it!!!!!  Feeling off this morning, so I only took the PM dose.

Day 5:  Today’s the day of our big friend BBQ party before the 4th.  I took my AM dose as usual, but totally missed my PM dose with all the extra activities going on.

Day 6:  Missed both AM and PM doses…..ugh!!!

Day 7:  I give up.  I’d love to be able to stick to something for a full week.  I just suck at remembering to take pills with 2 meals a day.  Doing it in the morning is no big deal, but the dinner time one usually gets me.

Plus, I’m on vacation from work this week so my usual schedule is all off.  We’re sleeping in past 9am, when I’m usually up by 6:30am.  And meals are just whenever and whatever during the day.  Guess if I’m going to be a stay at home mom for a while I’ll need to work on that.   Or not…’s nice to be able to do whatever whenever and just enjoy each day as it comes.

Overall impression, it made me jittery and shaky and seemed to up my anxiety each day.  The effects lessened with each dose, but never totally went away.  Maybe if I stuck with it longer they would lessen even further than they had.

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