ISO a Laundry Routine that really works!!!!!

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Seriously!!!!  I need help!!!  Our never ending pile of laundry has consumed our laundry room.  Our system right now is basically, get as much done as possible over the weekend before Shawn asks on Sunday night after dinner if I washed any of his pants for the week.  Not kidding!!!  Happens mid week too!  It will be 8pm and I’m getting stuff ready for the next morning or just relaxing and he asks if he has clean pants anywhere….like in the dryer…  Oops!!!!  Now it’s 8pm, all I want to do is relax, hang with the kids, and have a glass (or 2) of wine.  Instead I’m running around gathering up dirty clothes from floors and various bins in the house to run a quick load and hoping to remember to toss them in the dryer before going to bed.

I’ve tried everything.  Well, maybe not everything…..but it sure feels like it.  I’m going to try to go back to the FlyLady method of doing a load a day and folding it as I take it out of the dryer.  I figure if I can get a load going before I leave for work in the morning I may have a chance.  And even better…..get Shawn to move it to the dryer when he gets home.  That way it will be all set for me to fold and put away when I get home.

I also need a better solution for our bathroom laundry basket.  Right now we have one basket in the corner that EVERYTHING goes into.  Our clothes, kids’ clothes, towels, sheets, etc.  And it fills up before I know it and clothes and towels end up all over the floor.  Even our bedroom laundry solution ends up with clothes on the floor.  I’m going to order two of these sorter type bins.  I ordered 2 – 4 bag ones for the basement and upstairs.  And 1 – 3 bag one for our bedroom.  The kids already have hampers in there rooms.  And since it’s only their clothes that go into them, sorting isn’t an issue.  As long as it doesn’t have a lid I think it might work.  I’ll be able to grab a bag at a time and take it down to the laundry.  I’m thinking of making some labels to hang from the front (darks, lights, towels, kids) to help with sorting.

OMG!!!!! How do I justify the $65 for this one??????  This would be perfect for the main upstairs laundry basket.  Since our laundry is in the basement I have to haul laundry down or up 2 flights of stairs.  Which can be dangerous when heavy laundry hampers, toys, and stairs combine.  Of course there’s still the issue of sorting with this single bag style.

I really want to clean up my laundry room too!  Right now it’s just a hot mess.  Not even kidding.  The pile of who-knows-what on top of the dryer makes my OCD stress out.  And let’s not even talk about the fact that opposite the washer and dryer is a fridge so finding places to store and sort laundry has become a nightmare.  No wonder doing laundry is one of my least favorite tasks!!!  I don’t like the laundry room.  I have big plans to shift it back to where it was, but no money to do so.  We’d have to finish the plumbing there and re-run the gas line back over.  Someday…….

I’m going to make it my task today to clean up our laundry situation.  I’ll be back with a follow-up post in a few days.  Unless of course I end up buried under all the laundry.

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