I may have discovered the holy grail

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of laundry!!!!!!

And I’m going to share this secret process with you.  It’s taken me forever to find a system that works, and this was does!!!!  It’s been amazing this week using it.  My laundry mountain is gone.  Not even joking.  I have no mountain of laundry looming in my laundry room.

I started the whole process my ordering these laundry sorters.  I ordered 2, 4-bag versions and 1, 3-bag version.  The 3 bag version sits in our master bedroom.  And we use one bag for lights and the other 2 for darks, since we tend to wear more dark colors than anything else.  One of the 4-bag versions is upstairs outside our bathroom in the hall.  The bags are kids, lights, darks, towels.  The last one is in the laundry room for catching anything that ends up just getting thrown down the basement stairs like the kitchen towels.

Then I tackled the laundry room.  OMG, it had gotten so bad.  It had become a dumping ground for all sorts of misc crap.  I started by grabbing a large trash bag and started tossing stuff.  Then I got everything out of the room that wasn’t supposed to be there and put it where it belonged.  Then I cleared out all the stuff that needed to go back into the room, but wasn’t where it should be.  Then I cleaned off all the surfaces and the floor.  Moved the fridge over into the corner and the hanging bag to where the fridge was.  The shelves weren’t bad, so not much work there.  A caddy from my father-in-law now holds all the accessories for the steamer instead of the large white bucket.  Emptied that out and stored it up and out-of-the-way.  Moved in the laundry sorter and put everything back where it belongs….like with like.  Laundry stuff all got put into pretty glass containers, because let’s me honest….the product containers aren’t all the lovely to look at.  And the glass ones were sitting around not being used anyway.  The whole process took me 2 hours and $0.  Yep, no money was spent on cleaning up or organizing the room.

Here are all the before and after pics of the laundry room.

Now the process that I’ve been using.

It’s very simple. Once a bag gets full, it goes in the wash!  Easy peasy.  Every morning before work I toss in a load if I need it.  Usually I do.  There are 5 of us in the house.  I flip them over to the dryer when I get home.  Then, sometime after dinner I go down, fold them as I take them out of the dryer, and put them away.  There’s nothing worse than living out of laundry baskets for a week or more.  When you get halfway thru the week and start wondering what’s dirty and what’s still clean.  Especially when you have a 1-year-old that likes to pull laundry out of the baskets and throw it around the room.

That’s it!  Clean the laundry room.  Make it pretty so being down there isn’t like walking into a dungeon or junk pile.  Make laundry items accessible and easy find. Sort your clothes as you take them off.  Put in a load a day, as needed.  Fold clothes as you’re taking them out of the dryer.  Put them away right away.

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