Weekly Meal Plan Info and Sign-Up

Memberships start on Aug. 5th!!!!!


What’s included:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks for 7 days.

When:  Menu, recipes, and grocery list is delivered Sat morning to your inbox.  Menu runs Sun – Sat

Where:  Direct to your email.  Cancel anytime.

How do I pay:  Weekly subscriptions are paid directly thru PayPal.

What’s the deets:  Each day’s menu is based on a daily intake of 2,000 cals.  Recipes and Grocery List are 4 servings.  You can then alter based on your unique needs, or…………….

What’s the custom plan:  The custom plan takes your unique likes, dislikes, nutrition requirements, fitness plan if any, and other variables that make you you into consideration when being put together.

Cost:  The standard weekly membership is $5 per week.  The custom plan is $10 per week.  Memberships will be auto-billed on Saturdays prior to the email delivery.

How do I cancel:  Send me an email at fitmama.fitlife@gmail.com prior to Friday at 3:00pm EDT to cancel your membership.  Include “Cancel Menu Membership” in the subject line.

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